The Utility of the Municipality of Piraeus is a Legal Entity operating under the Private Law. With the completion of the merging process of all utilities in every Municipal Corporation, as predicted by the 3852/2010 law, the City Council of Piraeus with the decision number 72/186/2011 decided the merge of the pre-existing utilities of the Municipal Corporation For the Integration and Aid of Foreign Citizens of Piraeus and the Public Utility of Social Wellfare, into one single utility called Utility of Municipality of Piraeus (KODEP).

KODEP is subsidized for specific actions designed to organize the functions or activities and the provision of services related to the responsibilities of the Municipality of Piraeus that have been assigned by, under the Program contracted with the Municipality.

The purpose of the Utility is taking care of all social problems of the citizens and residents within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Piraeus, regardless of their age. Among other activities, KODEP takes care of the feeding and clothing of weaker and homeless citizens or residents of Piraeus, the provision of public information regarding the issues of health and prevention, as well as, the implementation of policies and actions aimed at the care and support of vulnerable social groups.