The Project

The object of the project concerns the improvement of effectiveness for social integration actions as well as the fight against poverty and discrimination, through a methodological integration of specific social interventions, the coordination and monitoring of social cohesion actions that take place in the Municipality of Piraeus, both by the Municipality, as well as by other bodies and social networks in the context of the implementation of the Act “Network for Prevention and Immediate Social Intervention in the Municipality of Piraeus – Social Innovation Piraeus”.

The proposed Act falls under the Invitation: PIR018, Code. Complete Strat. Chor. Rev.: 1092, NSRF OPS N / A: 4234, invitation for submission of proposals in the Operational Program “Attica 2014-2020”, in Priority Axis 09 “Promotion of Social Inclusion and Fight against Poverty and Discrimination – Ensuring Social Cohesion”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ECB), entitled: “Improving the Effectiveness of Social Inclusion, the Fight against Poverty and Discrimination, through the Methodological and Functional Integration of Social Inclusion Interventions in the City of Piraeus, and the development of a Homogenized Network of Prevention and Immediate Social Intervention “, with ΑΔΑ: Ω7ΙΣΩΞΥ-ΠΥΗ.

Project Objectives

  • The creation of an integrated network (hub) for identification and recording of beneficiary needs in Piraeus.
  • The ability to deal with emergency situations with flexibility and consistency, always aiming to support those in most need for support.
  • The implementation of targeted social interventions in all socially vulnerable groups as well as individuals experiencing social and economic exclusion.
  • Strengthening social cohesion and preventing the phenomena of marginalization and alienation from social life.
  • Creation and implementation of integrated and holistic models of sustainable social development and cohesion.
  • Creation and sharing of innovative and specialized tools with the use of modern ICT.
  • Implementation of targeted networking and publicity actions.
  • Consolidation and coordination of social interventions with the aim of wider dissemination of tools,


The direct beneficiaries of the project are the unemployed, the uninsured, socially marginalized citizens, the homeless, the poor, socially vulnerable groups, as well as the entire population of the Municipality of Piraeus. In addition, indirect project beneficiaries are the entrepreneurs and more specifically small and medium sized companies of Piraeus, who with their active participation in the project can potentially contribute to the maximization of the results, to the diffusion of the new ICT tools, as well as to their active participation in the reforming of the social profile of Piraeus.

Project Team

The structure of the Project Team is:

Project Manager – Kanakis Nikitas
Quality Assurance Officer – Stathakis Vassilios
Physical Object Manager – Christina Psorogianni
Financial Officer – Athanasopoulos Panagiwtis
Legal Support Officer – Atzaraki Styliani
Head of Statistical Methods – Pachou Eirini
Immediate Intervention Officer / Social Worker – Dimitrokalli Artemis
Immediate Intervention Officer / Social Worker – Zaphiri Eirini
Immediate Intervention Officer / Social Worker – Kontos Konstantinos
Immediate Intervention Officer / Social Worker – Kouvari Eleni
Immediate Intervention Officer / Social Worker – Pantelidi Flora
Scientific Staff / Studies Writer – Xenou Elli
Information System Operator – George Tzigounakis
Administrative staff – Leonardou Polyxeni
Administrative staff – Sfakianakis Ioannis

Work Packages

The project includes three (3) work packages, aiming at the effective achievement of the pre-set objectives:

  1. W.P.1. “Organization & Operation of the social Mechanism / Operation & Coordination”
  2. W.P.2. “Interventions for the support of Social Inclusion in the Municipality of Piraeus”
  3. W.P.3. “Development of tools and information systems – Additional research and expertise”


The creation of the “Network for Prevention and Immediate Social Intervention in the Municipality of Piraeus – Social Innovation Piraeus”, with the modeling of the Mechanism for planning social interventions, aims to record in depth the needs of the population, both on a long-term and short-term basis (e.g. increased arrival of refugees and asylum seekers at the port, support for the socially and financially weak individuals in the face of emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, floods and natural disasters, etc., support for children and adolescents in vulnerable groups, support for homeless and the elderly, etc.).


The individual actions of the Act that are planned to be implemented in order to achieve the above objectives, and include two distinct working groups concerning a) costs for the creation of digital and other ICT and social support tools, targeted studies and research, publicity actions, networking, etc. and b) expenditures related to interventions for the prevention and support of Social Inclusion in the Municipality of Piraeus. The duration of the project is three (3) years.


The following is a detailed presentation of the Work Packages, with the Objectives / desired results, the individual actions / tasks to be performed as well as the respective deliverables. The following figure outlines the implementation of the Subproject / Operation.